Haunted Canada 2

The second book of the Haunted Canada series by Pat Hancock

Description: These true tales of terror from all parts of Canada will chill you to the bone. Strange fires break out, Serpents rise from the waves, and giant beasts lumber through the trees. Ghostly forms drift by and eerie discs lower silently from the sky. Prepare yourself to be haunted!

These books are always so scary to me.. I admit that I’ve truly seen some pretty weird shit through my life, a few apparitions and a ghostly see through blue man… I’ve seen a giant monstrous sized bird creature and other various things that neither myself or the other witnesses who also saw it at the same time can explain… so when I read stories like these I can’t help but believe them.. which honestly terrifies me. This one wasn’t mainly only focused on ghosts which was nice, it was intriguing to see UFO/alien stories and other mysterious creatures in forests and water, that was much different than the first book. I was also happy that this one didn’t have any stories from my Provence (aside from the Manipogo references which doesn’t bother me anyways because I don’t go to those lakes so that’s fine) so I was able to read the whole thing without panicking or being too overly paranoid. Overall it was a pretty decent read.

I rate this book




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