Rules for being a girl

A novel by Candace Bushnell and Katie Cotugno

Description: It starts before you can even remember: You learn the rules for being a girl. . . .Marin has always been good at navigating these unspoken guidelines. A star student and editor of the school paper, she dreams of getting into Brown University. Marin’s future seems bright―and her young, charismatic English teacher, Mr. Beckett, is always quick to admire her writing and talk books with her. But when “Bex” takes things too far and comes on to Marin, she’s shocked and horrified. Had she somehow led him on? Was it her fault? When Marin works up the courage to tell the administration what happened, no one believes her. She’s forced to face Bex in class every day. Except now, he has an ax to grind. But Marin isn’t about to back down. She uses the school newspaper to fight back and she starts a feminist book club at school. She finds allies in the most unexpected people, like “slutty” Gray Kendall, who she’d always dismissed as just another lacrosse bro. As things heat up at school and in her personal life, Marin must figure out how to take back the power and write her own rules.

First of all I want to thank Harper Collins Canada and HCC Frenzy for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

This was such an easy book to read, the writing felt so smooth and seamless, it just flowed off the pages so nicely that it made the book just zip by! It’s been awhile since I’ve finished a whole book so quickly, but it happened. I loved the message of this book, I loved how the female character stood up for herself. Something about this book just related to me on so many levels, the way that the raw emotions are displayed in this book just felt so intense…which is why I think I loved it, the absolutely true, real and raw feelings of confusion after putting yourself in a situation that someone is able to take advantage of you… and having people say awful things that make you start questioning wether it was your fault or if you asked for it in a way, it’s such a tough and crappy situation to be in (trust me, I know)…I did appreciate her parents reactions in the book though! That was so heartwarming to see that type of parenting and love and total support. And I also completely understood the emotions behind the situation with her gram.. Alzheimers is not an easy or kind disease, watching someone you love slowly fade away in front of you isn’t easy, it’s emotional and exhausting and is one of the hardest things on the planet (My grandpa’s been going through this for the last five years)… overall this book was such an emotional tear jerking and relatable read for me but it was also just written so well and had such a great message of a woman’s strength when she needs to stand up for herself no matter what might happen. I highly suggest this book!

I rate this book




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