Where the ________ Go

Written and Illustrated by Fräe 

Storyline: Where the _________ Go is a gentle guide wrapped within a powerful story that empowers your child to take that first step in letting go of their pacifier. A blank space is included to allow the wording of the individual child’s name for this item, making it more relevant and meaningful for your child. Using vivid and imaginative illustrations, the child is gently nudged to see the process of letting go as another part of growing up yet acknowledging the child’s feelings and emotional attachment to this item which has been a source of comfort to them.

So this is usually the part where I share my daughters thoughts on the book, however my youngest is turning nine years old tomorrow and has greatly outgrown this type of books target message (her pacifier has been gone for YEARS!) so she decided to kind of sit this one out.

It was a good story with a thoughtful message, it made sense and would honestly possibly work for some older kids probably in the four to five year old range to help wean them off of a pacifier, but for any children younger than that I feel like the story maybe could have been too long to hold their attention. If had a lot of bigger words that they may not understand and the message is a little mature for that age also. I loved that it left a blank area for you to fill in whatever your child calls their pacifier, like for us when my kids were little my husband and girls called it a sucker. So it’s nice that you can really personalize it to what your child calls it. It was fun to read out loud, because it rhymed it was actually quite a smooth rhyming book which is always a bonus in my opinion! The illustrations were cute and there were a few funny little pictures in it that made me giggle (like the grumpy pacifier in the tree) and even my daughter had checked out the book a bit and mentioned that the illustrations seemed colourful and fun. So to sum it up I think that this book would actually be a helpful tool in getting rid of a pacifier but probably only for older kids who would have a firm grasp and understanding of feelings and emotions.

I rate this book 
8/10 for story and 8/10 for illustrations


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