The Barking Ghost

A Thirty-Second Goosebumps book by R.L. Stine

Description: It’s a dog-gone nightmare! Scared of his own shadow. That’s what everyone says about Cooper Holmes. But when the Holmeses move into a new house deep in the woods, scary things really do start happening. Problem is, no one believes a scaredy-cat like Cooper. But then no one else heard the bone-chilling barking late at night. Or ran into two evil-looking dogs who disappeared into thin air.

Another new house one!! Seriously how do people who used to read these not have weird fears of moving into new places? I would have never wanted to move if I read these as a kid. This one wasn’t as good as others, it wasn’t creepy or ghostly, it claims they were ghost dogs who could go through walls and stuff but then at the same time they could touch things and move things so it was more like poltergeist dogs I guess? I’m not sure, it didn’t make much sense. The overall story of this one was just ridiculous and rushed and so repetitive! The characters were worse than normal the main guy was always scared but didn’t really act like it, one second he was hiding from a garden hose and the next moment he was chasing the “ghost dogs” down, it wasn’t super consistent. I couldn’t connect to any of them the parents were dull and the brother was dull the creepy chick was weird… and the ending, what in the world? I admit that I wasn’t expecting that ending. Wasn’t a good goosebumps book!

I rate this book




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