The silver linings playbook

A Novel by Matthew Quick

Synopsis: During the years he spends in a neural health facility, Pat Peoples formulates a theory about silver linings: he believes his life is a movie produced by God, his mission is to become physically fit and emotionally supportive, and his happy ending will be the return of his estranged wife, Nikki. When Pat goes to live with his parents, everything seems changed: no one will talk to him about Nikki; his old friends are saddled with families; the Philadelphia Eagles keep losing, making his father moody; and his new therapist seems to be recommending adultery as a form of therapy. When Pat meets the tragically widowed and clinically depressed Tiffany, she offers to act as a liaison between him and his wife, if only he will give up watching football, agree to perform in this year’s Dance Away Depression competition, and promise not to tell anyone about their “contract.” All the while, Pat keeps searching for his silver lining.

So I absolutely love this movie, which is why I decided to pick up the book. I honestly can’t tell which version I like better. They both had their good parts.

The book definitely touches way more on the mental illness aspects of the story —which is really what the whole story is basically about— it gives you an in-depth look at his thoughts and feelings, how he copes and struggles with his illness, which you don’t fully get in the movie.

It was so easy to get attached to these characters, to really feel for everything they’re going through, to see him truly trying to better himself and work so hard toward what he considers to be progress and toward his ultimate goal.. it’s just so hard not to root for him, even if his goals are misguided and ultimately pointless.

Unlike the movie, unfortunately the book didn’t have as much to do with the dancing and it didn’t show as much of Tiffany’s story which I felt like kind of made the book lack that other half of the story, she’s just so much of the story that I would have liked her featured in the book too.

The book has a lot more family issues, father issues mainly…if I was his mother I would have left his father freaking YEARS ago! That type of temper and abusive attitude toward everyone and everything isn’t something ANYONE should ever have to live with.

I did really enjoy this book. And I would highly recommend it!

I rate this book


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