A Novel by Nick Hornby

Synopsis: Sam is sixteen and a skater. Just so there are no terrible misunderstandings: skating = skateboarding. There’s no ice. Life is ticking along nicely for Sam; his Mum’s got rid of her rubbish boyfriend, he’s thinking about college and he’s met someone. Alicia. Then a little accident happens. One with big consequences for someone just finding his way in life. Sam can’t run (let alone skate) away from this one. He’s a boy facing a man’s problems and the question is – has he got what it takes to confront them?

This book was okay, I wasn’t a huge fan of the main character Sam.. his attitude through the whole book was just so whiny, self absorbed, condescending and extremely bratty. I get it, you made a mistake and you don’t know how to deal with it. But what’s done is done, suck it up bitch.

The skateboarding aspects of the book were flat out annoying, half the time he’s talking about tricks or famous skateboarders or talking to a poster of Tony Hawk and taking the posters advice, except when the poster scares him with time travel…yep, a time travelling poster.

I did however love the premise of the book, I love teen pregnancy books, it’s always so interesting to see how they handle their situations.. and this one was no different in that aspect. I was very interested in finding out what was going to happen and how they were going to manage telling their parents, their relationship and a baby.

However it was the writing of the story that could have been way better! It just felt so flat and so repetitive with the skateboarding stuff, and the lack of emotion that sam seems to be feeling half the time — however if the book added that maybe one too many skateboarding injuries had damaged his brain so he couldn’t be emotional that would have really added an element to the story that would have made it better.— actually I would have loved to see Alicia’s perspectives of everything that was happening because she must have been going through some intense emotional shit.

It wasn’t a bad book, it was actually pretty okay. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend for you to go out and immediately buy it, but if you found it cheap I wouldn’t say not to read it either.. just a solid middle of the pack type of book.

I rate this book


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