In London, Still

A Novel by H.S. Fernandes
Translated by A.I. Birosel

Synopsis: Between international flights and work hours in two different time zones, Eduardo divides his career between Rio de Janeiro and Paris and has an ordinary kind of life. An invitation rejected and a lot of stubbornness transforms his life in an astounding way and now he can’t—or doesn’t want to—go back to the way it was. Between doing what’s right and what his heart demands, Eduardo puts everything he’s accomplished at risk in the blink of an eye. Will it be worth it? What would make you rethink your entire life?

First of all I would like to thank the author for a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review!

I’m gonna start off by saying that I liked aspects of this story, the overall premise was really good! I liked the fact that it really shows how someones life can change so drastically in directions that they couldn’t have predicted, and I loved that every time a change presented itself the character took the change, embraced it and went full on into it feet first!

However other more technical parts of the book weren’t as good as the overall storyline…Instead of what felt like taking you along on the story and making you feel like a part of it, it at times felt more like the book was telling you what happened and just briefly catching you up on what you missed.

For example when they’re on vacation it’s basically saying all the places they stopped but didn’t show many scenes from the places or give any insight to what transpired in those places. It was more like they travelled for two weeks, then we’re just name dropping all the places they went…we went to Parati, then to Corcovado Mountian, then off to Teatro. But it made their travels feel rushed and didn’t take you along on many their journeys or the personal things that were happening during those scenes.

It may have honestly been the translation that was causing an issue, but the dialogue was so stiff, formal and impersonal. It sounded very robotic when people were talking to each other, it didn’t flow, it didn’t sound like natural talk/banter/flirting at all. I do personally think that was due to the translation. But it really didn’t help the reading experience.

Overall it was a decent story with a good premise, I just wasn’t a fan of the way it was written.

I rate this book


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