Toss the Bride

A Novel by Jennifer Manske Fenske

Synopsis: Professional wedding planner Macie Fuller is having trouble saying “I do.” White doves and wedding bells are all in a days work, as is the occasional difficult client. But when her wealthy boyfriend Avery proposes, Macie’s reaction shocks everyone. Will she become a monster in a white veil, she wonders? And more importantly, how can she be herself in Avery’s purebred family? When Macie comes around, it’s not for the white dress or gift registry, but for love. She wants it for life. Jennifer Manske Fenske’s Toss the Bride is a warm and witty novel about finding romance on your own terms.

I have always wanted to be a wedding planner! Like honestly my dream has been to own or run an all inclusive wedding venue. I love weddings! So because of that this was a super fun book to read.. filled with different brides, dresses, cakes, venues in every chapter. So fun.

It was a short book, it’s taken me awhile to finish it because it’s the book I leave in my car for when I pick up my kids from school. But it’s honestly a perfect book for popping in and out of for twenty minutes a day. It’s not super heavy and intense it’s just a fun lighthearted read that you don’t need to pay a lot of attention to. It would make a nice park day or summer beach read.

The characters were so cute. Macie is an independent young wedding planners assistant and the stresses of the job really come through the page! Avery is just so wholesomely aloof at times and just the absolute sweetest little southern boy ever. The relationships, friendships and dynamics in the book are funny and oh so sweet.

It wasn’t a super deep or insightful book with a lot of substance or anything, but it was honestly really good! It was interesting watching her struggle with the idea of becoming a wife, worried about becoming a greedy wedding obsessed bridezilla like the many women that she’s worked with (and hates with every fibre of her being). It was a nice mindless read that doesn’t take a lot of focus. It was just such a cute charming rom-com feeling book and I’m so happy I read it! If this was a hallmark movie, it would be one of my tops!

If you’re looking for a great light read then this is a fantastic one for you!

I rate this book


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