Murderous Morning

A Novel by Bernadette Calonego. Translated by Peter and Rosa Stenberg

Synopsis: Five years ago, family lawyer Tessa Griffins fled to Vancouver from the isolated mining town of Whatou Lake. Now she returns to her parents’ home there in order to search for the dead children’s mother, her stepsister Fran. And she wants to find the killer – as does Detective Sergeant Ron Halprin, head of a special RCMP unit in Vancouver who is sent to Whatou Lake to solve the case. Tessa is stonewalled everywhere. What secrets does her father, the respected town doctor, have? And why does her mother, who had welcomed many foster children into their home, suddenly stop telling the whole truth? Is Fran leading a secret life? And why of all people is it Tessa’s former boyfriend, Tsaytis Chelin from the Sitklat’l First Nation, who finds the dead bodies? On the third day, Tessa makes a gruesome discovery. As she crosses the wilderness on the trail of the murderer, she finds herself under a deadly threat.

Alright! I want to start off by saying thank you to the lovely author who sent me a copy of her book in exchange for an honest review. This book is set to release November 9th of 2020! So preorder and Mark it in your calendars.

I love when books are set in Places I’ve been to or close to where I live, although I don’t live in British Columbia I do live in Canada. So it was fun to hear of places I’ve visited and I also loved that there was a Tim hortons in the story. I’m not sure why but seeing the Tim Hortons made me really happy!

The characters were very relatable to me, I totally get the fostering thing, I myself was raised while my parents and grandparents fostered children. My parents actually still do. So that really helped me to understand her feelings and emotions and struggles at times.

The story was intriguing. It was a bit slow and dragged on once or twice but overall it was super interesting and mysterious. I had no clue where the story was going to go, so many people acted so suspicious throughout the story that I assumed a few different people committed the crime. I found myself suspecting people that I didn’t expect to suspect. But in the end it wasn’t who I thought, so that was fun! I like plot twists and being totally shocked at the end.

I really enjoyed this book!

I rate this book




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