Everything you need to survive the apocalypse

A Novel by Lucas Klaus

Synopsis: Phillip’s sophomore year is off to a rough start. One of his best friends ditches him. His track coach singles him out for personalized, torturous training sessions. And his dad decides to clean out all of the emergency supplies from the basement, even though the world could end in disaster at any moment…and even though those supplies are all Phillip has left of his dead mom. Not that he wants to talk about that. But then Phillip meets Rebekah. Not only is she unconventionally hot and smart, but she might like him back. As Phillip gets closer to Rebekah, he tries harder and harder to turn himself into the kind of person he thinks she wants him to be. But the question is, can he become that person? And does he really want to?

I picked this book up because of the cover, and I kind of assumed it would be a funny apocalypse book with a love story kind of thing, which I was looking forward to… but it wasn’t that.

This book was quite unremarkable honestly, I barely remember half of it…even though I literally just read it…it was just so mediocre that aside from a few key parts, it barely stuck in my head.

The author seems to be a tad sexist in how he describes women, so I wasn’t super thrilled with that. Girls he talked to or about were either ‘unconventionally hot’ or just ‘outright hot’ which was annoying and made it very hard to love, or even like the main character. He treats everyone like crap, uses people to get what he wants and basically listens to no one.

I feel like the book was trying very hard to be religious, which, don’t get me wrong…I would have been totally okay with, if it was done right. But a lot of his understands or misunderstandings about the bible were just so painful and unbearable to read.

Overall, it was an okay quick read, slow at time’s but decently paced at others. The story was just OKAY (at best).. would I read it again? No. Do I regret reading it? Not totally. Would I recommend it? Probably not.

I rate this book




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