Zombies VS. Unicorns

An anthology Edited by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier, written by Kathleen Duey, Meg Cabot, Garth Nix, Margo Lanagan, Naomi Novik, Diana Peterfreund, Libba Bray, Alaya Dawn Johnson, Cassandra Clare, Maureen Johnson, Scott Westerfeld and Carrie Ryan.

Synopsis: It’s a question as old as time itself: Which is better, the zombie or the unicorn? This all-original, tongue-in-cheek anthology edited by Holly Black (Team Unicorn) and Justine Larbalestier (Team Zombie), makes strong arguments for both sides in the form of spectacular short stories. Contributors include bestselling authors Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, and Margo Lanagan. Discover how unicorns use their powers for evil, why zombies aren’t always the enemy, and much more in this creative, laugh-out-loud collection that will have everyone asking: Team Zombie or Team Unicorn?

I saw this at the thrift store awhile back and picked it up, I assumed it was going to be a funny story about zombies fighting unicorns or something and for ten cents it would be well worth it no matter what it tuned out to be. So I bought it and shoved it on my shelves for a few months before picking it up, and upon further investigation it’s an anthology! And to top it off it’s written and compiled by a bunch of popular teen YA authors.

I admit wasn’t a fan of the parts where Holly and Justine were arguing on the pages before every story trying to convince you which are better (zombies or unicorns) I think the book would have been much better without their annoying banter throughout it.

Some of the stories were better than others, a few of them were slow and boring but I really enjoyed a few of them. Some of my favourites included The Highest Justice (unicorn), Bougainvillea (zombie), A Thousand Flowers the Children of the Revolution (unicorn), Cold Hands (zombie)… there were a few other really good ones but those were my favourites.

As for picking a side I just can’t! There are great aspects to both and horrible ones to each as well! It was interesting to see so many different types of stories and myths and legends of each of them. There were coherent and intelligent zombies as well as mindless ones who stumbled around and ate brains. There were magical mythical unicorns of lore and ones that viciously killed and maimed people. It was such a vast array of short stories that it really captured and kept my attention!

But unfortunately neither side won my vote… I would need more evidence to make a decision of which is better… but if you are a fan or either zombies or unicorns I would highly recommend this book. It was a fun read.

I rate this book




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