The Twelve Dancing Princesses and other Fairy Tales

Selected and with an introduction by Alfred David and Mary Elizabeth Meek

Synopsis: Alfred David and Mary Elizabeth Meek have compiled a collection of fairy tales that ranges from the Grimm brothers’ inimitable recreations of archetypal folktales to the modern prose charm of James Thurber’s Many Moons. The appeal of the stories is wide and varied: the refined intelligence of Perrault, the wondrous imagination of Andersen, the descriptive power of Ruskin, the bittersweet melancholy of Wilde. These are but a few of the artists represented in this remarkably inclusive selection of works from Germany, Russia, France, Scandinavia, England, and America. Many are in new translations in the modern idiom and all testify eloquently to the unceasing vitality of this literary genre.

Not the book or the authors fault but I just really wanted to complain about the fact that someone went through this book and highlighted a bunch of things. That was annoying…Truly grinded my gears. if you’re planning on giving away a book to a book fair then don’t highlight a bunch of stuff in it! No one wants to buy a book with someone else’s highlights and/or writing in it!.. or at least I don’t, not cool man, not cool. Ok, mini rant over.

the introduction was SO long and boring, talking about the origins of fairytales and folk tales, what makes them intriguing to everyone, why people enjoy them and what truths can be found in some of them. As a hardcore fairytale person, I know all this stuff already, so does half the damn world. People like fairytales, we get it, end of story. It was a lot of annoying babble considering I picked up the book to read some damn fairytales.. seriously just shut up and get to the fairytales already! The book lost points for this.

I found it odd that there were a few stories that had kind of been repeated through the book, for example there were two sleeping beauty inspired stories.. it was annoying because it felt like you already read it, but at the same time was slightly different enough to not fully hate it. It allowed you to compare and contrast them against each other I guess.

One part had me almost in tears, when I was growing up I was obsessed with a movie called the Polar Bear king. But I didn’t know it was based on a few fairytales! So when I started reading the story ‘East of the sun’ and realized what it was, I just about cried. *note to self, go watch polar bear king today*

Also, another fun thing that came out of this book is that I think that when my children bring home potential spouses, I will send them on three ridiculous tasks to prove their worthiness of my daughters. This book has inspired me to do just that! Now I just need to think of what type of things to make them get or do…I am open to comments and suggestions!

Overall I really liked this book! It was whimsical and magical and all the things you want in a book filled with fairytales (minus the boring babble at the front and the duplicate stories) I would highly suggest this book!

I rate this book




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