The Gypsy Queen

A Novel by L.V. Gaudet

Synopsis: Travis discovers his newest get rich quick scheme in an abandoned riverboat. Dreaming of the wealth and glamour she will bring, he becomes obsessed with rebuilding her. Darius sees only rot, decay, and their ruination in the old boat. Travis’s best friend and unwilling business partner, Darius is unwilling to abandon Travis to his fate. He is committed to seeing it through, regardless of the costs to himself. Struggling to rebuild her together, they are pitted against everyone from the Shipbuilders’ Union to the even more ruthless local casino boss, who desires to possess the Gypsy Queen himself. As Travis and Darius’s lives become further intertwined with the Gypsy Queen, the strange accidents surrounding the boat escalate. Under the Gypsy Queen’s spell, Travis is oblivious to the sense of dread that fills those who enter the boat as she awakens with a hunger for blood. The Gypsy Queen’s dark past will not be forgotten.

I think this book was sent to me by the author… honestly I have no recollection of buying it or receiving it. I checked through my emails and messages to see if it was sent by an author but I couldn’t find anything about it…I just found it on my shelves the other day and decided to pick it up, because it looked spooky and why not! But I have no clue how it ended up there.. it’s a Mystery!

I found it to be written really oddly, I couldn’t figure out what type of format it was in? Like almost third person but also not quite? Half way between first person and third person and also kind of at times like story telling…It was a little confusing.

The characters were nothing special, I did like Darius a little better than Travis.. Travis is an extremely selfish, sexist, single minded obsessive asshole.. why Darius or anyone else even talks to Travis I don’t know.

*summary of book, spoilers ahead*

The book started off super slow. It’s very wordy and long winded half the time. I can summarize it with a few words and have the exact same effect of the story. There’s two poor fellas, one has an idea to open a casino on a boat, he finds a boat that is rotten and that he can’t afford, drags his friend into his scheme.. they spend days (and many chapters) trying to move the rotten boat, after boat moves they spend months (and many more chapters) trying to fix said rotten boat.. not enough money, both fellas are working a million jobs, can’t make rent, can’t pay off boat owner or loan sharks, one fella gets beaten due to missed payments..they bribe dock owners and builders union people with money that they do not have, fellas continue building boat for some reason… still not enough money, pulls luck and money out of their asses and are able to finish building the boat with three chapters left, other guy who owns all casinos in town is furious and trying to kill them on their boat but.. surprise! The ship is haunted.. possibly by ones mom? (Can not confirm or deny that fact through) Cliffhanger ending.

That’s pretty much the whole thing. There’s a love ‘interest’ thrown in there too but she just pops in and out and can’t make up her mind about if she likes one or both of them and she’s honestly quite pointless to the overall story. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t a huge fan of the story.

I rate this book




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