Dot Homme

A Novel by Jane Moore

Synopsis: Jess Monroe is 34 and perfectly happy being single. But her friends think otherwise and, as a birthday present, buy her an ad on an internet dating site. Furious, she eventually agrees to try it out — and ventures into a world where the description on the tin rarely matches the contents. once her reservations have faded, she embarks on several dates of varying success — until one day a catastrophic event brings her life sharply into focus and make her reevaluate everything she’s ever known…

This book was a very quick and easy read, it was very rom-com movie style.. her bitch of a friend decides to sign her up for online dating which although a dick move, ends up starting a whole new chapter In her life. You go along with the main character as she struggles through the trials and struggles of dating in our modern-ish world —this book was clearly written before online dating and cell phones became more normal. At times the book was very outdated with its terminology and references—but it got the point across that dating, wether it be the old fashioned way meeting people in person or online are both very difficult.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the book. It was fun, airy, lighthearted and funny! Watching her stumble her way through trying to find ‘the one’ made it feel like the perfect vacation, summer or beach read…. But then the part with the Cancer happened.. and the book got much less fun, way less lighthearted, more somber and it just brought the fun-ness of the story to a halt, it made you go from giggling at her dating misadventures to worrying about a sickness. And just drastically changed the whole vibe of the book.

It was a decent story with good characters but as soon as the potential love interest entered the scene I could pretty much see exactly how it was going to play out… it was very predictable, which when it comes to chick lit books is not a total bad thing. When I want to read a book like this it’s usually for that feel good happy ending.. which we did get.

Overall it was a decent read! Just maybe not perfect for a happy beach/vacation read since it goes get a little darker for a bit there.

I rate this book




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