Before the Crown

A Novel by Flora Harding

Synopsis: Windsor Castle, 1943 – As war rages across the world, Princess Elizabeth comes face to face with the dashing naval officer she first met in London nine years before. One of the youngest first lieutenants in the Royal Navy, Philip represents everything she has always been taught to avoid. Instability. Audacity. Adventure. But when the king learns of their relationship, the suitability of the foreign prince is questioned by all at court. He is the risk she has never been allowed to take. The risk not even the shadow of the crown will stop her from taking…

When I saw that this book existed I needed it ASAP! I’ve been obsessed with the show ‘The Crown’ and I’ve always loved the Queen of England, not sure why.. but she’s just so spectacular to me. so it was just a no brainer, must read type of book.

I loved it! First of all, It was pretty much exactly like the show. Like an exact, perfect prequel to the show. It had the same vibes and the same feelings.

I loved seeing the different sides of each of Elizabeth and Philip’s stories of the time before their wedding… of their relationship and interactions before they got married. Now obviously I know this is a work of fiction and can only be taken with a grain of salt. But still.

I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to be in either of their shoes. Being in the royal family sounds tedious and stressful never mind being heir to the throne. Not being able to make your own decisions, not being able to do anything without considering how it would effect an entire country. An entire monarchy. It’s just so mind blowing to think about.

But this book builds up a beautiful story, of difficult decisions.. of working at building a relationship, at fighting for the person you love and ugh.. it was just such a great read! I can’t even really get my thoughts out because I’m just so, ugh! I loved it!

I rate this book




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