Lane Continues

The Fourth Book in Anna J. Adams Lane Changes Saga

Synopsis: As my grandfather said years ago, “For every good thing, there’s a bad thing to even it out, and vice versa” Good: I was happily married to Sam Seeley. Good: Sam and I were beginning our family and everything was going smoothly. Good: Rob begins moving forward in his life and earning a highly respectable position in the army. Bad: Rob’s relationship with a former girlfriend begins a snowball effect of epic proportions. Bad: Rob ends up in a situation that no one can control and a positive outcome isn’t guaranteed. Bad: Sam misses the birth of our child due to an incident that will forever shape our family. As my family, friends and I learn to navigate through impossible situations, we all learn family isn’t just about blood and shared memories. It’s about love, understanding and supporting each other to overcome the hardest obstacles life can throw at you.

Well! Here we are…The story is progressing so quickly and everything is finally seeming to be looking up for Lane! life seems to be zooming by and the kids are growing so, so fast.

Watching these beloved characters learn how to be parents and juggling the normal everyday struggles of figuring out life with kids is all too familiar and honestly quite accurate in my opinion.

I love how absolutely normal, yet at the same time how so unique these books are. the author makes seemingly mundane parts of life feel so interesting and riveting!

There are a few shocking twists in the book that caught me off guard, some in a good way some not really…the characters are so lovable and so relatable that It’s so hard to read the parts when life is going so terribly wrong for them, and not start bawling your eyes out!

There’s a few things that annoyed me that Lane did in this book, but literally everyone makes mistakes sometimes. So I won’t hold it against her…This book runs off the motto ‘For every good thing there is a bad thing to even it out and vice versa.’ And you definitely see that ring true in this book.

It was amazing! And I highly suggest you all read these books! I can’t get enough of them!

I rate this book




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