Ski Weekend

The Tenth book in the Fear Street series by R.L. Stine

Synopsis: Driving back from a ski weekend, Ariel, Shannon and Doug have offered their new friend Red a ride home. When a blizzard makes the roads nearly impassable, Red leads the teens to a farmhouse where they can spend the night. Unfortunately, their shelter is not the safe haven it appears: its residents have their own plans for Ariel and her friends.

Okay… well, it was a perfectly fine book. It was a nice mindless read, something I had to pay literally zero attention to, to get the whole story.. so it was a great car read for me!

I realized after I started it that it was the tenth book in the series, but I’m not sure if all of the books are about the same kids? or if it’s like goosebumps with a different set of people in all the books? But either way.. even if it is all about the same kids I don’t think I missed very much by hopping in on the tenth book. At least I wasn’t confused by the characters or the story at all.

Much like most of the goosebumps books it was so incredibly and painfully predictable, I legit saw the plot coming from the very first two chapters. Nothing really shocked me, because it was just so incredibly obvious.

That being said it felt like a good and appropriate gateway for younger kids to get into those whodunnit and murder mystery type of books… it was almost giving off clue ish (the board game) vibes since it had a mystery aspect with some silliness. But overall it was a pretty decent read.

I rate this book




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