Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde: and other strange tales

A collection of tales by Robert Louis Stevenson

Synopsis: ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ follows a path as indirect and elusive as its multiple narrative voices. With its obliquely recorded incidents, its eyewitness accounts and sealed confessions, it resembles…a police detective’s casebook–a collection of gathered clues, fragments, through which the clever detective may be able to…project a complete narrative. Perhaps one of the most compelling aspects of this novel is that, in fact, there’s so much left here for the reader to fill in, so many scenes that the reader can only imagine. Such a structure creates fertile ground for allegory. a story with symbolic meaning, and there are indeed many convincing interpretations of this novel.

I liked the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde part of the story, what little of it there was anyways…It felt really short and unfinished. Ive never read the story before, I’ve only ever really seen tv adaptations —okay one arthur episode really— so I’m wondering is that how the actual story is? Was this not the whole story? Does it actually just end with a letter of confession that he is both of them? I feel like there should be more to the story. Maybe it was just a brief part of a bigger story…I hope that’s what it was anyways.

Although thinking of it now, I’m not sure.. Because all of the stories in this book felt short and unfinished in a way, like they had no endings.. I don’t know if they were all just teasers of longer stories? Either way, aside from the first one they were all rather boring. The body snatcher one one was just gross, the imp one was boring, the Markham one was short thankfully but it was crap.. and the last one was so long, wordy and boring.

The writing was quite difficult to read, I realize it was an old English but it was annoying that many words had old spellings, and there were many words that I’ve never even seen or heard of —a few of which I googled and even google didn’t fully understand the words— It just made it difficult to read when you had to stop to google words that basically don’t exist anymore, it made it feel more like a chore than a fun read.

Overall, this was an incredibly boring read. It just wasn’t fun and it felt like it was so, so, so long! Even though it was only 238 pages.

I rate this book




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