The Chessmen

The Third book in the Lewis trilogy by Peter May

Synopsis: Fin Macleod, now head of security on a privately owned Lewis estate, is charged with investigating a spate of illegal game-hunting taking place on the island. This mission reunites him with Whistler Macaskill – a local poacher, Fin’s teenage intimate, and possessor of a long-buried secret. But when this reunion takes a violent, sinister turn and Fin puts together the fractured pieces of the past, he realizes that revealing the truth could destroy the future.

The characters in this book are almost always cold and wet.. and I get that it’s the terrain that the books are set in, and I know that I’m not personally there. But it makes me feel so uncomfortable, imagining being cold and damp all the damn time. Ugh.

I was quite happy with how many loose ends were tied up. We got some answers so some of the hanging questions and we kind of got to find out what happened to the person who killed his son.. In my opinion that was way too quick of a scene just like two pages at the end, but it gave a little bit of closure to that part.

The story continued to be good, not great… but good, it was basically the same as both of the others. The story was mainly told –once again– in flashbacks and old stories and old feelings, which all came together to the present day issues and helped to solve the crime. After reading the other two books of this series, it was very predictable in how they would solve the crime.

It had the total potential to end in a really good spot, for everyone to kind of have peace and kind of be in a good place, and then all of a sudden out of freaking no where the last chapter happens… and honestly, what the hell? That just opened about ten more questions! Was that supposed to be a cliffhanger? Why would you end it like that? Why couldn’t he have just left it as like a “yay” ending? That pissed me off…. I was gonna give it a 7 like I did for the other two books, but I’m deducting a point for that last chapter. Dick move Mr.May, dick move.

I rate this book




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