A Novel by Mike Russell

Synopsis: Does magic exist? Charlie Watson thinks it does and he wants to tell you all about it. Before he was famous, Charlie Watson decided to write a book to share with the world everything he knew about magic. This is that book. You will discover why Charlie always wears a top hat, why his house is full of rabbits, how magic wands are made, how the universe began, and much, much more. Plus, for the first time, Charlie tells of the strange events that led him from England to the Arctic, to perform the extraordinary feat that made him famous, and he finally reveals whether that extraordinary feat was magic or whether it was just a trick.

I’m not sure how the author does it, but he just makes all his books feel so special. There’s just something about reading them that makes me feel so happy.

This book was fun! It was whimsical and magical and made me question all of reality! I have always loved Mike Russell’s books! They’re so uniquely wonderful and bizarre at the same time.

I did feel like this one took me a little bit longer to get into than his other books did, this one just felt like it started off super slow during the beginning and all the nothingness, before the story really started… I had a hard time giving it my attention at first. It took me a few tries and a few weeks before I actually decided to sit down and start reading and get into it, but I’m happy I stuck it out.

Charlie’s such an inquisitive and vibrant character, it was so fun watching him explore and learn about the magic and the world and the magicians. At times he comes off as a little bit too aloof and confused, but I think that’s also kind of what makes him sort of loveable. If that makes sense?

Overall this was another wildly quirky book by Mike Russell and once I got a few chapters in, I really enjoyed reading it!

I rate this book




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