The Long Weekend

A Novel by Gilly Macmillan

Synopsis: Three couples… Two bodies… One secret.. Dark Fell Barn is a “perfectly isolated” retreat, or so says its website when Jayne books a reservation for her friends. A quiet place, far removed from the rest of the world, is exactly what they need. The women arrive for a girls’ night ahead of their husbands. There’s ex-Army Jayne, hardened and serious, but also damaged. Ruth, the driven doctor and new mother who is battling demons of her own. Young Emily, just wed and insecure, the newest addition of this tight-knit band. Missing this year is Edie, who was the glue holding them together, until her husband died suddenly. But what they hoped would be a relaxing break soon turns to horror. Upon arrival at Dark Fell Barn, the women find a devastating note claiming one of their husbands will be murdered. There are no phones, no cell service to check on their men. Friendships fracture as the situation spins wildly out of control. Betrayal can come in many forms. This group has kept each other’s secrets for far too long.

First of all, I would like to thank Harper Collins for sending me an advanced readers copy of this book. I have been finding conflicting information about the release date of this book.. I was told it is set to release on March 22nd however I’ve also come across information that says it’s set to release March 29th.. so I’m not totally sure which is correct. But either way! It comes out at the end of March!

This book was intense! It was thrilling and mysterious and I honestly had no idea what was going on, in the best way! When the story starts out we get tiny glimpses of everyone’s stories and we have thoughts and vibes from the person orchestrating the chaos.. but the author did such a fantastic job hiding who was orchestrating it the whole time! I thought it was one person, but then it very clearly in my mind became another… and then BAM it changed.. and I didn’t see a lot of that coming!

I wasn’t a huge fan of how it was written, the story bounces from one’s persons perspective to another person in the same scenes, and same chapters perspective without warning, one second your reading what one person is feeling then all of a sudden you’re thrust across the room into what the other person is feeling. It made it feel a little bit scattered and hectic at times… I would find myself having to re read over a section to make sure I was reading the right persons thoughts. But otherwise, this was such a fantastic read!

I didn’t expect a lot of what happened in this book, but I really didn’t expect the end and the reasonings of what and why everything was happening. It was all just such chaos that it felt so much more real than a lot of other books like this. It had everything you wanted in a psychological thriller and more. Highly recommend this book!

I rate this book




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