Once a Bitcoin Miner: Scandal and Turmoil in the Cryptocurrency Wild West

A personal story By Ethan Lou

Synopsis: Ethan Lou goes on an epic quest through the proverbial cryptocurrency Wild West, through riches, absurdity, wonder, and woe. From investing in Bitcoin in university to his time writing for Reuters, and then mining the digital asset ― Lou meets a co-founder of Ethereum and Gerald Cotten of QuadrigaCX (before he was reported dead), and hangs out in North Korea with Virgil Griffith, the man later arrested for allegedly teaching blockchain to the totalitarian state. Coming of age in the 2008 financial crisis, Lou’s generation has a natural affinity with this rebel internet money, this so-called millennial gold, created in the wake of that economic storm. At once an immersive narrative of adventure and fortune, Once a Bitcoin Miner is also a work of journalistic rigor. Lou examines this domain through the lens of the human condition, delving deep into the lives of the fast-talkers, the exiles, the ambitious, and the daring, forging their paths in a new world harsh and unpredictable.

Okay so is this a real story? I assumed it was fiction when I got it…Was it fiction with hints of reality? Was it real but attempting to sound like fiction? I’m having a hard time understanding what exactly I read. But I do know that it was so dang boring.

The book was written horribly. I felt that the conversations and descriptions were so jumbled into a giant mess of a story. Nothing seemed to align and make sense. It hopped from one thing to another and back again. It wasn’t a consistent timeline and just felt like the author was so rushed trying to get his story out and published that he didn’t bother to make it make sense.

If this book was supposed to help people understand what Bitcoin is and to understand the world of Crypto then this book failed miserably. I didn’t know what all that stuff was about when I started reading this book, and I still don’t. Actually if anything I may be more confused.

Unless you are super into Bitcoin and Crypto and understand all of that crap, I don’t think you would enjoy this book at all. I don’t even really have anything extra to say about it. It was just so boring.

I rate this book




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