White: The Great Pursuit

The Third graphic Novel book in The Circle trilogy by Ted Dekker

Synopsis: Time is running out in two realities. In one world, a lethal virus threatens to destroy all life as scientists and governments scramble to find an antidote. In the other, a forbidden love could forever destroy the resistance known as The Circle. Thomas Hunter can bridge both worlds, but he is quickly realizing that he may be able to save neither.

Okay, so this one was definitely better than the last two, although the ending could have used a little bit of work concluding it all better. It felt way too hectic and too rushed.

The story itself was still confusing with the random flitting back and forth without the main dude even sleeping.. although he did knock himself out once to be ‘asleep’ so that one time made sense. But the story was better than the last two books, there was some decent action and more of the dialogue made a bit more sense in the end.

The great romance thing I couldn’t fully understand how it translated to the bible.. I’m sure there was a way but honestly the great romance stuff, with everyone being his bride just felt weird and creepy.

Overall I think this was the ‘best’ book of this series.. but it still wasn’t a fantastic series that I would reread or anything. But it was just overall the most okay book.

I rate this book





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  1. Wait….you’re telling me the Circle Series has GRAPHIC NOVELS?!!!! how did I not know about this?

    Oh yeah, because I don’t read them. Might have to this time, though. That’s probably one of my favorite mainstream book series of all time.

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