Stay out of the Bathroom

A Second (and a Half) GoofLumps book by R.U. Slime : A Goosebumps Parody

Synopsis: PUT DOWN THE SEAT, WASTE PRODUCT!!! Save your breath, everybody! Joe won’t put down the seat. Not now. Not ever. But the bully of the bowl has met his match. It’s payback time–and The Toilet is plunging into action! First it refuses to flush. Then a grotty stomach virus brings Joe head to head with the enemy, and the seat comes slamming down. Beheaded in the bathroom? Not if Joe can help it! Watch that wily whirlpool, Big loe, or you’l be sucked down into the scummy depths..

When my husband pointed this out at the book fair we instantly knew that I had to read this! Apparently there are only two of these books, and I wish so badly that the book fair had the second one too!

Honestly this book was cheesy as all heck, but I think that’s why I liked it…But It wasn’t so cheesy that you could tell that it was a parody though, it really actually felt like a goosebumps book.

It may have even been better than I remember quite a few of the actual goosebumps books being, the story was cute! Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the term ‘Sanitary Unit’, and the amount of times it was said drove me a little crazy.

The characters were fun and weren’t as annoying and whiny as some of the Goosebumps characters. Honestly if you’re a fan of Goosebumps I would absolutely recommend this parody! I’m sad that I couldn’t find the other one! This was a great way to kick off my October of “spooky reads”

I rate this book





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