The Ninth book in the Jack Taylor Novel of Terror series by Ken Bruen

Synopsis: An elderly priest is viciously beaten until nearly dead. A special-needs boy is brutally attacked. Evil has many guises. Jack Taylor has encountered most of them and has the scars to prove it. But nothing before has ever truly terrified him until Headstone. A series of ran-dom, insane, violent events in Galway has left even the Guards shaken and Jack is especially vulnerable as he has finally found love and the happy ending he once saw as no more than a pipe dream. Most would see a headstone as a marker of the dead, but this one, this coterie of evil named Headstone, intends to act as a death knell to every aspect of his life. Thinking that happiness is some kind of talisman, he will find that it is a dark l blessing of impending ferocity. His usual allies, Ridge and Stewart, are also in the line of terror. One act of such appalling violence alerts them to the sleeping horror enveloping them. But this realization is too late to save so much they hold dear. The evil they encounter is disguised as the very mask of young innocence. Jack, slowly accepting the sheer power of Headstone, comes to realize that in order to fight back he must relinquish the remaining shreds of what has made him human. But this knowledge may have come too late to prevent an act of such ferocious evil that the very country itself would be changed forever-and in the worst way.

I did a quick google when I bought this book at the book fair and it made it seem like it was a stand alone.. so since October was coming up I got it because it looked spooky. I am slightly annoyed by the fact that after I start reading it, I find out it’s the ninth book? Freaking google. But oh well I guess…

The authors writing style is so awful. It’s so jumbled and filled with non stop rambling and nonsense. The author can’t seem to tell the story straight, without a bunch of random words strung together between bits and pieces of what might be a vague story… a story which jumped around constantly and didn’t seem to have much of a plot to.

I didn’t care about any of the characters in this book, they’re all so shallow and one dimensional. They didn’t pop off the page, they weren’t vivid or enthralling, they didn’t make me love them or hate them or actually feel anything for them. They were just so flat and forgettable and awful.

I was surprised by how ridiculously vulgar, racist, inappropriate and degrading this book was. I’m okay with some vulgarity, but this was quite excessive and so unnecessary…I was not a fan of this book. At all. I regret purchasing this book worst dollar I’ve ever spent.

I rate this book




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