A Court of Candles – Candle Review

Good morning! It’s time for another product review. I got this candle (and another one) as a gift from one of my lovely friends! This candle is from a company called A Court of Candles From this company I have two candles but I’m only going to feature one of those today! This one that... Continue Reading →


Once Upon a Wick Candle Review

Good morning! It’s been awhile but it’s time for another bookish product review!! So today I’m going to review another candle company... I don’t often order candles from places online because the cost of shipping to Canada is usually really high! But through this company shipping was actually really reasonable. And so were the candle... Continue Reading →

Tshirt Review – KindLines Hemp Publishing

Good afternoon! it’s time for another Bookish product review!! So today I’m reviewing another product i received, an author/ the owner of KindLines Hemp publishing company reached out to me and asked me to review his book (Pittsburgh to Cadiz, which I’ve just reviewed on the blog this week, you can find that Review here)... Continue Reading →

Nova Vela Candle Review

Good afternoon! I meant to review this sooner but with some family emergencies I haven't been able to. But it's time for another Bookish product review!! So today I’m reviewing another product i won! (I seem to have been on a lucky streak) I won a 16oz candle of my choice from Nova Vela Candles... Continue Reading →

Cool Yeti Creations Bookmark Review

Hello!! Alright well I do these so rarely that the format continues to feel awkward to me! But ya'll have been enjoying them so that's all that matters!! today I’m reviewing some bookmarks I won doing a guessing contest! It was way more fun than a normal giveaway, so basically there were blurred versions of... Continue Reading →

Little The Tree (custom magnet book)

Once again, this post has something a little bit different happening here! But just for this post. This is both a children's book review AS WELL as a company/product review! Crazy right??? So today I’ve recieved one of the coolest kids book product ever.. this book is a Custom Magnetic Book from a company called... Continue Reading →

Verge of Wisteria Mug Review

Good afternoon all you lovely peoples! So since it’s snowing and cold as all heck outside today, and I wanted a cup of tea to warm me up...I figured it was the perfect day to review a Bookish Mug!!  From the company Verge of Wisteria I actually won this really cool A Court of Mist... Continue Reading →

Literary Scents 13 Candle Review 

Today’s review is for a Candle I purchased from a a Candle Company called Literary Scents 13!  From this company I got this little 4oz Gilmore Girls inspired “I Smell Snow” Candle Which as you can tell on the label smells like Yuletide Spirit and Snow. — I am obsessed with Gilmore Girls and when... Continue Reading →

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