Where the ________ Go

Written and Illustrated by Fräe  Storyline: Where the _________ Go is a gentle guide wrapped within a powerful story that empowers your child to take that first step in letting go of their pacifier. A blank space is included to allow the wording of the individual child’s name for this item, making it more relevant... Continue Reading →

The Broken Bee’s Nest

Written by Lydia Lukidis and Illustrated by André Ceolin Storyline: Arun and Keya find the perfect tree for a tree house. Too bad it comes with a battered bees' nest! These bees need a new home—right away! Tying into the popular Makers Movement, Makers Make It Work is a series of fun easy-to-read stories that... Continue Reading →

Bearded Too

Written and Illustrated by Jeremy Billups   Storyline: The hairy hijinks continue in BEARDED TOO, the second book in the BEARDED series written and illustrated by Jeremy Billups. A bearded bear and his friend continue their travels around the world meeting bearded animals of all shapes and sizes. From an orangutan who sings country music... Continue Reading →

The cool bean

Written by Jory John and Illustrated by Pete Oswald Storyline: Everyone knows the cool beans. They’re sooooo cool. And then there’s the uncool has-bean...Always on the sidelines, one bean unsuccessfully tries everything he can to fit in with the crowd—until one day the cool beans show him how it’s done. Thoughts from an eight-year-old: I... Continue Reading →

Ting-a-Ling the old ambulance

Written and Illustrated by Harry Goldstar Storyline: Welcome to the world of Ting-a-Ling. The friendliest old ambulance there ever was. With line drawn illustrations for YOU to colour in helping you to familiarise yourself personally, with Ting-a-Ling, his owner and restorer Alf, his mum, and Mr .Grimsby the boss of the big ambulance station. Open... Continue Reading →

Dancing Fairies

Written by Jenny Way and Illustrated by Nick Roberts   Storyline: Follow the adventures of the Dancing Fairies as they dance and play every night and day See them fly over hills, in gardens, on window sills and in the treetops! Join them and their animal friends having fun in the rain and sun. Watch them... Continue Reading →

The Secret Life of Moles (and their friends)

Written by Liz Burgess Storyline:Liz Burgess has always held a keen interest in nature, especially small furry mammals! Long fascinated by their secret activities at home in her own back garden, and the fields surrounding it, she decided to explore this special underground world, and find out more about moles and their other little friends.... Continue Reading →

Anna and Evan meet Charles Darwin

Written by Tanya Hutter and Lina Daniel and Illustrated by Karin Eklund Storyline:Join Anna and Evan on a magical adventure to the Galapagos Islands where they meet Charles Darwin, discover unusual animals and learn some interesting scientific facts. This engaging and educational book is ideal for young children to encourage curiosity and interest in the... Continue Reading →

Maury The Miserable Vampire

Written by Jeff Roland and Illustrated by Adamah Vanarsdale Storyline:Maury the Miserable Vampire lived in a cold, dark castle and he liked it that way. He never laughed, he never smiled, and he never went outside. When his only friend, Barry the Bat, suddenly disappears, Maury must summon the courage to set out into the... Continue Reading →

Darla Dilly Don’t Be Silly

Written by Dimitra Merkouris Storyline: Darla Dilly lives on the best street, in the best city, in the best country in the world. Life with her madcap family is pretty much perfect. Especially when her Mom and Dad announce that they are ready for a family pet. But Darla doesn’t want just ANY old pet.... Continue Reading →

The Mole and the Flower

Written by Helen Marshall and Illustrated by Christopher A. Martin Storyline: The Mole and the Flower is the story of a plucky, determined young mole and her quest to find ‘the most beautiful flower.’ Heading off on an epic adventure to find him, Mole soon meets a grumpy, aging bloom. Not used to visitors, Flower... Continue Reading →

Benny the Beaver

Written by Kaley Owen and Illustrated by Graeme Holding Storyline: Benny and his brother Bob are Beavers. One day, whilst looking for supplies, the pair notices a secret pathway that leads to a treasure chest. Who gets the treasure? That’s what they can’t decide? Will they ever learn to share? Thoughts from a six-year-old: Job,... Continue Reading →

Ilias’ Mountain

Written by Lilian Kars and Illustrated by Steffie Padmos Storyline: What if you have the courage to look at things in a different way? What if you question wha you were taught? What if you do something that goes against habits? Maybe then little miracles will happen, just like in the life of Ilias. Thoughts... Continue Reading →

Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree

Written by Katy Segrove and Illustrated by Katerina Vykhodtseva Storyline: Everyone is excited in Rainbow Mews because it's time to put up the Christmas tree. But when the old tree falls apart, and they have to buy a new one, no one can agree on which sort to get. Should it be big or small... Continue Reading →

Amos the Anteater

Written by Kaley Owen and Illustrated by Graeme Holding Storyline: Amos is a very grumpy anteater who doesn’t want to share with anyone. He hides away, keeping himself to himself. One day, he gets into trouble and there’s no one around to help him until another anteater comes along and teaches Amos the power of... Continue Reading →

Cleo the Camel

Written by Kaley Owen and Illustrated by Graeme Holding Storyline: Cleo is a very clever Camel who love to shop. The problem is, she doesn’t really know how it stop! She’ll buy anything and everything, whatever the cost. Video games, spy glasses, sock- the lot. Will Cleo ever be able to save her money? Thoughts... Continue Reading →

Little The Tree (custom magnet book)

Once again, this post has something a little bit different happening here! But just for this post. This is both a children's book review AS WELL as a company/product review! Crazy right??? So today I’ve recieved one of the coolest kids book product ever.. this book is a Custom Magnetic Book from a company called... Continue Reading →

Spamly Warthington (almost) Secret Agent

The first book of the Spamly Warthington Secret Agent Series by Kyle Schaberg and Jack Schaberg with illustrations by Amber Hawks Schaberg  Storyline: Sure, being a spy-in-training is cool, especially when your best friend Mortimer Goldpots is a genius inventor of gadgets and you get to cruise around town in your very own mini-convertible. Still,... Continue Reading →

Paulette the pinkest puppy in the world

  Written by Tim Bugbird and Illustrated by Stuart Lynch  Storyline: Paulette the Pinkest Puppy is the heart-warming tale of Paulette the puppy, who is born with a very unusual feature – her fur is completely pink! Paulette struggles with being different until she and her puppy friends realize they have more in common than they thought. ... Continue Reading →

Binx the Jinx 

 by Michelle Hird  Storyline: When he moves to a new town, Binx the cat finds it hard to make friends. The other cats call him a Jinx and say that black cats are cursed. But his new friend Gin proves that Binx is the luckiest cat around.  Alright, so we know it's been AGES since... Continue Reading →

Sea This and Sea That

Written and illustrated by Jeremy Billups  Storyline: From sea pies to sea pigs, the sea is filled with all kinds of sea things. Jump in your submarine and dive deep below the surface to join Missus Bluffington as she guides a tour of her house filled with all kinds of sea stuff. This fun picture... Continue Reading →

The Wall 

Written and illustrated by Mauro Lirussi       Storyline: We all know someone or something that had just disappeared. A tree, a toy, even a person! The adults try and explain as best they can. They try to look after us, but we know what's really going on. Everyone disappears behind the wall and... Continue Reading →

The Field Feud

Written by Russ Brown Illustrated by James Shaw  Storyline: When Poppy and Daisy are forced to share a field, you would think they would get along just like the other farm animals do. But you would be very wrong! Can they work out their differences and learn to live in harmony? A lovely children's story... Continue Reading →

The Mechanics of Mechanicsville

Written by Russ Brown. Illustrated by Jamie Cosley  Storyline: Mechanicsville actually does exist! Nestled amongst lush forests and green fields in Old Mechanicsville stands a stone windmill, now a landmark in the village. That windmill is said to house the mystical creatures known locally as: “The Mechanics” Today I read this book with my daughter... Continue Reading →

Monsters in my Maths Book

Written by Russ Brown. Illustrated by Jamie Cosley  Storyline: There are monsters in my maths book, there are monsters in the yard. There are monsters in all the classrooms, monsters make school hard. I try to wish the monsters away, but they're too hard to scare. Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, the monsters are... Continue Reading →

More than a Me 

Written By Lilian Kars and illustrated by Steffie Padmos  Storyline: once upon a time, in the deep blue sea, a little drop of water discovered I'm a me, I'm a me! He decided no longer to stay with the rest. He wanted to move but which way would be best? May this book be a... Continue Reading →

Diary of a Minecraft Alex 

Book one of An unofficial minecraft book by MC Steve Storyline: Alex is a loner in the ice plains. She prefers pigs to people. She's a vegetarian. She starts in a small hut but moves into an igloo that she then renovates. She's good at fending off mobs in the overworld, but not the Nether.... Continue Reading →

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