One way

An autobiography by Paul Perroni

Synopsis: This book is a poetic, often stream-of-conscious ripple down, around and through the strange corners of modern America; a wild journey with a cast of characters and poignant observations on the human condition as I traveled the country from coast to coast, performing and hoping to make it as an actor. I describe the struggles as an artist to fulfill dreams (my case being acting and comedy), the demons I encountered, and the coping mechanisms I used to suppress negative thoughts that comes with rejection of your craft. Additionally, throughout the book I include a plethora of non alcoholic cocktail recipes, kind of a fun way of tying in the old drunken madman life in entertainment and a new life as a sober bartender in New Orleans, of all places.

I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review, so thank you Mr.Perroni for sending me your lovely book!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about his adventures, his unique lifestyle what it was like to live life constantly on the go. It’s such a different life from the one I live and it’s just so intriguing to see that type of lifestyle unfold before my eyes.

The way he rights the book really feels like you are friends and were there experiencing it alongside him, you feel tired from ping-ponging across the country, moving from place to place. It gave me a little bit of anxiety actually at times, I can’t imagine how he could live such a busy life without feeling so worn out and scattered! I definitely couldn’t live such a fast paced on the go lifestyle, which just made it all the more exciting to read about it.

As most of you know, I have been enjoying autobiographies lately, something about having a peek into how other people live and what they experience is just so captivating and this one was no exception! The author whom is obviously a comedian, is funny and witty and that really shows through his writing.

I also loved all the recipes for the (non-alcoholic) cocktails, I mean even the recipes had a humoristc aspect to them! Seriously I don’t think recipes have ever made me laugh before, but these ones did.. also, if you read his book, I highly suggest trying the cocktail (or mocktail?) ‘anything is possible’ it’s so good!

I rate this book


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