Murder in the Hamptons

A Novel by Amy Garvey

Synopsis: Maggie Harding has a few rules for living. Order, control, and carefully checked-off to-do lists equal a safe life. Safe is good. What’s not good is, oh, hmmm, maybe having a wild, passionate, naked pizza-eating weekend fling with Tyler Brody, the kind of guy who leaves a girl shaken and stirred, deep down. Bad. Bad, bad, bad. What to do? Run away. Constraint is better than chaos. Right? So what’s that same girl to do when she runs into the guy five years later at a big Hampton’s bash, and he’s staring at her with that naughty, right-here-right-now grin, while she’s trying not to make an idiot of herself in front of lots of rich people and “It” list Hollywood stars? Make another run for it. Except that she can’t. Because somebody’s dead on the lawn and “house party” has just become “house arrest.” The only way out of this insanity is for Maggie to find the murderer herself, even if the biggest mystery is why she ever believed that saying good-bye to Tyler was the right thing to do…

This was a decent book. I was expecting a more of a Agatha Christie type mystery/whodunnit novel —which don’t get me wrong, this did kind of have that aspect to it— I just didn’t realize that it was also going to be so hot and steamy.. which I didn’t have a problem with per se, I do love me a hot and steamy romance novel..but putting a murder mystery and a fifty shades together, in my opinion it didn’t fully work, it made the story feel a little clunky.

I think I’m gonna break the story into two, the romance.. that was a fun whirlwind. They had hooked up years ago as strangers for a weekend fling in Florida, rekindled that spark with some hot and heavy scenes that were really intense and fun to read. Over the week/weekend they really start to connect (in more ways than one, wink wink.) and start really falling for each other…but I feel like the romance part of it would have happened even if it was just a fun weekend party. I don’t think the other murdery half of the book really changed the romance at all…

That being said, let’s talk about the other half of the book. The murder half of the book felt too funny at times, very clue-ish and not super intense.. I mean how intense could it have been if people are just constantly screwing the whole time that the investigation is happening. Like clearly it isn’t being taken super seriously. Which was kind of a disappointment since I really do like murder mysteries that screw with your mind, while you’re wondering who could have possibly done it! But it just felt like that part of the story was an afterthought, and one that didn’t make much sense.. the motives and ending were so pointless and I really didn’t get why that specific murder happened.. I think for that story ending to really have made sense, someone else in the house should have died instead. (I’m not gonna say any names or who I think should have been murdered, because I don’t want to spoil it)

Overall. Was it easy to read? Yes…it was a perfect light beach/summer read.

Was it fun? At times, it definitely had a fun clue vibe to it.. m

Was it suspenseful? No, not in the least.

Do I regret reading it? No..

Would I read it again?… no.

I rate this book




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