The Mechanics of Mechanicsville

Written by Russ Brown. Illustrated by Jamie Cosley 

Storyline: Mechanicsville actually does exist! Nestled amongst lush forests and green fields in Old Mechanicsville stands a stone windmill, now a landmark in the village. That windmill is said to house the mystical creatures known locally as: “The Mechanics”

Today I read this book with my daughter and here’s what she had to say! 

Thoughts from a Five-Year-Old

I liked Ava she’s adorable. It was not that exciting, The mayor is a bad guy, why is he so greedy and want all the money, he should just be happy with what he already has. It says Mechanicsville is actually real? Is it mom? * here we took a few minute break while I googled Mechanicsville Virginia, which in fact is an actual real town * huh, we should go there one day…I’m not sure why there was magical puppies that fix things but I’m happy they did. The end was pretty happy and everyone was happy, happy is good.

Okay, so it was a cute story, the illustrations are fun and colourful and I like the little extra sketches on the sides. The story is a little long it did seem to loose my daughters attention for a bit, and it uses a few bigger/fancier words she didn’t seem to understand –she kept stopping me to ask ‘what does that mean?’ – so I think that maybe it would be better for kids a bit older than Five. It rhymes and is an easy read – there was only one rhyming snag but it was minor and we moved past it pretty smoothly – I would probably recommend this book for kids over 6+ but it was a pretty good book! 

I rate this book 

6/10 for story and 8/10 for Illustrations 

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find by clicking Here or Here

(This post is not sponsored) 


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