The Redemption Wall

Novel by Marcus Miller

Storyline: A novel of adventure and personal discovery through the eyes of a young man fleeing from a rich and powerful family. Luke Canfield is born into a ranching dynasty but is subjected to horrible abuse by his fanatically religious father. The redemption wall is the place where Luke’s father inflicts corporal punishment on him, almost daily, and Luke endures it for years until the only person left to defend and protect him, his grandmother, suddenly dies. Finding the courage to escape his persecution, he is offered a way out, but must travel alone, quickly maturing as he gains experience along the way, across the U.S. from Oregon to Florida, in an attempt to meet up with a family offering him protection on a sailing vessel in the Caribbean, but he must arrive before the family sails away.

Well, it was definitely a unique story… the story itself had potential, but unfortunately I found a lot of flaws in the way it was written. I think that instead of being written like someone telling you their life story where the book is telling you what happened, it would have been better written as an actual fiction novel where you’re on the journey with the character. yes it probably would have had to be multiple books but I think it just skimmed over important things, while also rambling too much on stuff that wasn’t essential to the story. It was hard to get attached to the character, even though you felt bad for the kid… speaking of kid… this Character is apparently 11 while telling everyone he’s 16….. No. What. the. hell. Smoking weed, taking acid, screwing all these women (some four times his age). While hitchhiking across America. That was a little too odd for me. I wasn’t a fan of the supposed age of the kid. I know 11 year olds, and he wasn’t acting even close to like how an 11 year old would act. (Even a “mature” one) so that part I really hated. But otherwise it was an okay book

I rate this book


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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