Ilias’ Mountain

Written by Lilian Kars and Illustrated by Steffie Padmos

Storyline: What if you have the courage to look at things in a different way? What if you question wha you were taught? What if you do something that goes against habits? Maybe then little miracles will happen, just like in the life of Ilias.

Thoughts from a seven-year-old:

The pictures are really nice, they look like someone drew them with pencils. I could probably try that, but I wouldn’t be as good at it I don’t think. The story was so long! It took us weeks to read it! I’ve never read a chapter book before. The story was good, I think. Sometimes I wasn’t paying attention so I missed a few parts but it was good. It had rocks and also at least he finally got to go up the mountain. I think that was his goal. And he went with the baker guy, and saw a bench that had people’s first letter of their names in it because he did it… it was okay. It has like 60 pages.

So because this one was SO LONG we’ve been reading a chapter every night for the last week. It was a decent story, which I actually liked. The lesson in it is quite deep and I think for older kids it would be a fantastic book! However, it was a very long book and it often lost my daughter’s attention I would be midway through a chapter (of which there was seven) and she would start to fidget or start talking or just stare off into space. It was way too long for a reading a story type of book. I think it would be better suited for someone more in the ten to twelve area that can read to themselves. The art in it was adorable and nicely drawn. And went along with the story amazingly. Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend this book for kids under ten, i think the overall lesson of the story may just go over their heads before that (like it did with my daughter) but otherwise it’s a pretty good book!

I rate this book

7/10 for story and 8/10 for illustrations


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