The Mole and the Flower

Written by Helen Marshall and Illustrated by Christopher A. Martin

Storyline: The Mole and the Flower is the story of a plucky, determined young mole and her quest to find ‘the most beautiful flower.’ Heading off on an epic adventure to find him, Mole soon meets a grumpy, aging bloom. Not used to visitors, Flower is surprised to cross paths with Mole, but when the weather takes a turn for the worst it’s up to him to protect the little creature from the elements. Together, the pair weather the storm to find that friendship can blossom no matter how old you are! A generation-defying story that asks children to not merely respect their elders, but understand and admire them too.

Thoughts from a seven-year-old:

Um.. there was a mole, and there was a flower… and it rhymed, so bonus point! Score! And a bunch of other fun words that I can’t think of that might mean that I like rhyming. Some words were just so tricky, I didn’t understand a few of them. You said words and I kept having to interrupt you [Mom/Mich] to ask you what they even meant. The story was good. When I could understand it. And I liked the ending with the most beautiful flower part. Buuuuut the drawings were creepy, not the Mole, she was cute. But the flower, I think it was maybe a rose…but it had like a weird nose thing and looked funky. But it was okay!

Yep! That pretty much summed it up.. it rhymes which is helpful for me as a mom to read it to my kids, but there were a few words she didn’t understand which because she’s a very inquisitive child she would make me stop the story in order to explain the words which then would break the rhyming process lol, I probably would have just preferred it not to rhyme instead of phrases like ‘what a great occupation he said with adoration, their visits were his favourite treat’ I’d have just preferred something simpler for my kid to understand. The story behind the book however was adorable! So cute! I also did enjoy the artwork, aside from there being some form of odd fruit on every page, that was.. weird… there’s nothing to do with pears or limes or apples in the story but for some reason there was a plethora of fruit and vegetables drawn into almost every picture… I mean for goodness sake there’s a wreath of limes and apples around the sun… it threw me off for a second while I was reading. But it was a pretty decent book!

I rate this book

6/10 for story and 7/10 for illustrations


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