Pinewood Dark

The Second book in the Millsborough Sisters Series by Berri L. Beatty

Synopsis: November 1815 Unmarried and with-child, Jenny Millsborough has been saved from total ruination by her family, who help hashion her as the fictitious widow of a downed soldier. Happy to be living at Oxtail Cottage, she is sheltered from the prying eyes of society. Nearby lives her beloved sister Georgiana, Lady Shaw. Their Cotswolds village is home to both the ruling Fairsbury family, which Georgiana has married into, and the Jennings family, to whom both sisters are related. But it is also joke to Pinewood Forest, a dark, mysterious conduit for restless souls. When an extravagant ball at Fairsbury Manor promises festive distraction, little does Jenny know the event will bring a reunion with an unrequited love. But with the possibility of renewed romance, comes the threat of scandal and forced marriage to the rogue who left her in such dire circumstances. The sudden outbreak of a mysterious winter plague will force Jenny to return to Coombe Mara, the Medieval estate on the Devonshire coast belonging to her former love, Edward Forester. As secrets are uncovered, Jenny and Edward will either discovers love that defies fate itself, or be torn apart forever.

This lovely book was sent to me by the author! So Thank you shoutout to the lovely author for sending me a copy of her book!

Okay! The period felt so right, the clothes, the language, the habits, the colourful and vivid locations and manors! It just brought me into my happy place. I love this era so much!

I honestly could have either done with a lot more ‘ghostly’ and spirit things or done completely without the ‘ghostly’ parts of the story, those were just meh. It barely had anything to do with the story in the grand scheme of things, so I think that it could have been completely omitted and still have been the same story/outcome..I was expecting it to be very spooky and ghostly by the description, but it was just so underplayed that, that part of the book disappointed.

But otherwise I loved the entire vibe of the book, the story -minus the troubled spirits part- was amazing! The drama, the romance, the scandal! It was just all so fun and fabulous and I loved reading this book. There were a lot of background characters popping in and out of scenes, and far too many names to keep track of at times..but I was able to work through that with only a few spots of mild confusion trying to remember who people were.

Overall if you’re a fan of books like Pride and Prejudice, Little Women or other books like that, then you’ll absolutely love this series.. And as a bonus it’s so much easier to read! I’m kind of sad that I only started on book two. I may have to pick up the first one!

I rate this book




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