Somewhere in San Diego

A Novel of Suspense by Dennis Macaraeg and Sequel to Somewhere in the Shallow Sea 

Storyline: A thriller about best friends, scientific data, hired guns and a harrowing race with a past lover to stay alive. Marine biologist Danny Maglaya must meet with his best friend and fellow scientist Blake Mason to upload the data demanded as ransom by the kidnappers of Blake’s fiancée. The task might have been simple, but every time the two scientists try to rendezvous, two contract assassins show up. With Danny and Blake’s phones hacked and each move they make monitored, the only way to survive is to outwit the men wanting to eliminate them. With an ingenious but risky solution, Danny teams up with his ex-lover to piece together secrets that only she, Danny and Blake know. A series of perilous events follows as Danny and his old flame, Valerie, race through San Diego County, solving clues about Blake’s whereabouts and about their possible future together. Will their love for each other be the catalyst for success or will the bitter pain of their breakup be a recipe for disaster?

Ok, so this book picks up a few years after the last book, and I’ve gotta say…These guys get into a lot of trouble over their invention/compound/data thing?… I mean do they remember what they went through last time?? Seriously after the last book I would have ditched that stuff so fast! Now there’s new consequences to making the invention and new people who want it, who will stop at nothing to get what they want!! But not only is there one obstacle, there’s two!!! It’s full of fast paced non stop chase scenes with so much action, mystery and suspense! Will they save her in time? Will they have to give up everything to get her back!? Those were questions that I needed answers to the whole time. I liked this one even better than the first one!  

I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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