Searchers: The Irish Clans

Book One of Four Novels by Stephen Finlay Archer 

Storyline: It all begins with a travesty at sea necessitating searches for life’s true treasures, both in 1915 Ireland, when the funeral of O’Donovan Rossa affords a golden opportunity to fan the flames of revolution, and in America, for transplanted Irish families connected to the world of the Irish Clans. Three characters are guided by Divine synchronicity and grapple with destiny: Claire, a spunky young Irish woman, adrift with amnesia and near death, may unwittingly be the key to unlocking an ancient clans mystery. — Tadgh McCarthy, a young Irish rebel sea captain, confronted by a calamity at sea, makes a life and death decision that will reinvent his future to carry out his predestined mission in the revolution and to validate his birthright as Clan Chieftain. — Collin O’Donnell, a beleaguered young Canadian, riddled with guilt over the death of his parents and loss of his sister, must make a crucial decision that may cost him the love of his life.

I’ve been finding myself enjoying historical fiction more and more lately, and me being obsessed with Ireland made this one that much better. I thought this story was incredibly well written, the authors timing and explanations are fantastic. The characters are all so intense and honestly feel like they could have been actual real people. The prologue had me confused but that all started to make sense the further into the story you got.. I liked the overall story and plot of this book, it kept me wanting more and made me feel the need to keep reading it! There’s action, romance, mystery, drama, shady business and so much more in this book. it was just overall so captivating with both sides of the story! I love how everything seemed to tie together. And the ending! Such a cliffhanger! I need to start reading the next book desperately! 


I rate this book 


If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here



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