Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree

Written by Katy Segrove and Illustrated by Katerina Vykhodtseva

Storyline: Everyone is excited in Rainbow Mews because it’s time to put up the Christmas tree. But when the old tree falls apart, and they have to buy a new one, no one can agree on which sort to get. Should it be big or small , fat or thin? However will they decide

Thoughts from a six-year-old:

I really liked this book! It was Funny that the cookies they ate matched the sky at the end. It was a good story, I like that they left the tree alone. It didn’t need to die. The apple tree was a weird tree to decorate for Christmas. But it was an interesting Christmas tree idea. People don’t usually have their Christmas trees outside so that was a bit odd. All of the pictures are pretty, hopscotch is adorable and is my favourite in the book. I like how they go all “that trees too big, that ones too small” like as if they’re in goldilocks and the three bears or something. The front cover is my favourite. I like when people are tangled in Christmas lights.

Alright. This one was adorable and we definitely have a new book to read every Christmas! The story was super cute. hard to read at times, it didn’t rhyme at all (wasn’t that type of story) which was fine. But it also has the writing curving around photos and in weird places, instead of just being straight on the pages.. wasn’t a fan of that but the story itself kinda made up for that! And the photos were super cute. Minimalistic and simple. While still being detail oriented and colourful! I throughly enjoyed it and it kept my daughters attention the whole time too. It was a fun read I would recommend getting this for your Christmas reads!!

I rate this book

8/10 for story and 9/10 for illustrations

If you would like to Purchase this book you can find it Here


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